The Compétitive Field Of Hospitality Management

Hospitality is best defined as the generous reception and entertainment of guests. Good hospitality has always been a trait of a good host. But over the years, day to day lives have become so fast-paced that it built a need for people to want to take some time off from their busy schedule and be treated the way one could only dream of while being employed and caring for a family, amongst other daily obligations. This led to the birth of the hotel industry where people could choose their most desired destinations and get lost in a fantasy of comfort and luxurious indulgence

However, hospitality was never a niche market segment. It applied to anyone and everyone. Once this need was realized, accommodation options seem to have grown and expanded overnight. With options more than they could process, today’s travellers now seem to depend on travel site recommendations and ratings of other travellers when choosing their next accommodation options? 

These travel sites and rating systems allow prospective travellers and tourists to gauge the best possible choice for their stay through the honest and unbiased ratings and opinions of fellow travellers. Holiday rental management companies and hoteliers alike realized the importance of these sites and ratings, and took into account these factors when improving and raising the standards of their facilities, based on client feedback and ratings. This allowed them to seamlessly cater to the market at hand the best way possible, as the feedback received was directly being received from the target sector of society. This enabled hoteliers to ‘hit the nail on the head’, so to speak, when modifying and making changes to improve their property.

The hospitality management industry has also led to a growth in the industry of these rating websites so much so that hotels and resort chains themselves began to offer special rates and offers through these sites for those that book stays online. These attractive rates meant that the hotels improved their revenue through more guest stays, while the companies running these websites expanded their businesses and earned profits from the commissions paid by the hotels to be features on their site. These partnerships have gone on to further develop the industry and enable the industry to give to clients exactly what they are looking for.

This innovative business partnership has become a global phenomenon to the point where more traffic is seen on these particular websites than the websites of the hotels themselves, and more online booking are seen to be made through those sites than direct bookings with the hotel itself.