Quick Treats For A Special Someone

It can be difficult to decide what to get for a special someone – be it parent, sibling, friend or lover – in a hurry, especially last minute. Once you eliminate the usual gift vouchers and readymade hampers, there’s very little you can do, unless of course you have read this list. Here goes!The Journey of a LifetimeIf you know of a place that this someone has always wanted to go but never found the time for, make the arrangements to take them on a day trip to that place.
Call their bosses if necessary; get them a (sick) leave; and organize transportation. The most important thing about taking them somewhere is to let them relax and enjoy it. For instance, if your mother has always dreamed of sunbathing on the beach, then bundle her up and take her to the beach. Lay down a towel under an umbrella (or find a chair) and order a mocktail. Let her live her dream.A Day Off Of LifeThis is a great gift for workaholics who feel obliged to go into work every single day. Call their superior early in the morning and lie through your teeth to get them on a sick leave.
Then, make them their meals, or order from outside; don’t let them do any work. Do the dishes, clear the laundry basket, watch movies and order pizza. Let them be a couch potato or sleep the whole day away. Go on a picnic; take bus tours to the lake. Stop and smell the roses, both literally and figuratively. Enjoy all the things that you and your special someone don’t usually get to on a busy day. Basically, just treat yourself with Phillip Island day tour.
Feed Their Growling StomachsCooking is a chore for some and a joy for others. Even those who enjoy it however might like a break now and then. So as a quick treat, announce to them that you will take over food duties for a certain number of days. To make it more fun, give them some hand-made ‘meal tickets’ with certain options like “home cooked”, “food+dishes” (you have to do the dishes), “order out” and “eat out.” They can use any ticket they want and you will do it/pay for it as a treat for them. To help yourself, write an expiry date on the tickets or simply take responsibility for all three meals on one special day.The Old FallbackOf course, failing all of the above, the fallback is the traditional cake or sweet treat with a nice card and thoughtful note. You could mix it up a bit by buying them some sweet treat that they enjoy rather than cake but it’s ultimately the thought that counts.