Long-Term Holiday Ideas For The Family

If you and your family are lucky enough to get the summer off, then a long-term holiday might do you good. After all the hard work of the preceding months, everyone needs to unwind a bit. Where should you go though? Many places become ridiculously expensive during the holiday months in anticipation of the plane and boat loads of tourists that descend on these hotspots. Here are some tips on how to find un-crowded and affordable holiday destinations:

Take a Trip to the Seaside

As lovely as it sounds, a coral sea resort may actually be ruinously expensive, unless of course you catch an “early bird” offer or some such discount. If you can afford it however, always aim for long term residency resorts which offer apartments for families who stay longer than a week. These are equipped with a kitchen, living area and 2-3 bedrooms and will be located close to the beach as well. If you are looking for something more economical, look for guesthouses run by families; these are usually more affordable as there is not much overhead for them. Remember however that unlike a starred hotel, they may not have the staff to provide services such as room or concierge service.

Take the Mountain Trail

If you and your family prefer a bit of adventure, pack up your camping gear and take to the mountains. Make sure you look up the trails beforehand and always take updated maps with you. A camp may not be a beach hotel, but you do have the novelty of the experience as well as the luxury of your privacy. You could always find a lodge or rent a mountain cabin for the night; if the weather is good, then camp out under the stars. Get a fire going, cook some sausages and sing a few campfire songs. Enjoy being in tune with nature and treasure the brief moments we have before advancing civilization sweeps off all the trees.

Do a Home Swap

The idea takes some getting used to, but there are very secure online sites that offer novelty holidays by swapping the homes of two people or families. Basically, each side would live in the other’s home for a designated period of time. They will exchange the house in its entirety including any vehicles and furnishings. The interesting bit is that this allows anyone to become immersed in a community and culture the way you cannot be if you stay at a hotel; every hotel is to a certain extent exactly like another. This way however, you get an insight into how another person lives and feels as well as save massively on whitsundays apartments.