Best Camping Gear To Have With You

Camping can be the most fun thing you have done or the worst decision in your life. Depending on what kind of equipment and gear you decided to take with you, it can turn from a great adventure to a worst nightmare in seconds flat. But there are new gadgets and technology that is being invented to make camping, hiking, backpacking, mountain climbing and other things far safer and comfortable than they have been in the past. Here are some of the items that graced the top camper’s lists.

Windcatcher Airpad 2

If you are tired of your sleeping bag that you cannot even do your favorite sleeping pose in, then this mattress is your dream come true. You do not need hours of pumping or inflating this mattress. The windcatcher is special because with few breaths of air the mattress can inflate within seconds. It comes with a 4 inch thick quilt for you to sleep comfortable in and do your sleeping poses on. This is very flexible and you can roll it up into a compact little reel to take with you whether you are exploring the Solomon Islands or doing a Blue Mountains day trip from Sydney


One of the great inventions for those who hate putting up tents, is the Cinch pop up tent. It takes only seconds for it to erect itself and with bare help from a person. There are tents for 2,3 and 4 people in their catalog. Cinch pop up tent also comes with LED lighting outside and inside of the tent with light reflective guylines. The solar power pack that is integrated into the tent allows you to charge your smart devices and other equipment. The solar power pack has a power bank, a lock, data wires and a solar panel.

Helinox Table One

If you are someone who is in need of a table and a chair wherever you go, then here is your solution. There are already chairs that are flexible and can be bound into a tight pack. With this invention of Helinox Table one, now you have a table that is flexible and can accompany the chair as well. This is a single shock corded pole structure and it comes with a storage bag for you to put the table into. This will be a great addition to those who want to do the day trip Blue Mountains and you can even have a picnic up on the top.

There is ‘Rumpl’ for those who want a blanket that they can use anywhere. It is waterproof and is made of material that does not tear easily and much more durable and you can use the compression sack that it comes with to pack it in.